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Frontpage elements



You can create banners with text overlay and link to specific point of your website. Creating a banner is very simple:

  1. Create a new text widget
  2. Specify the widget style as banner
  3. Specify the widget content as described below:

The banner structure is following:

<div class="gk-banner">
<h2><a href="#">Collection<span>Women</span></a></h2>
<strong><a href="#">See New Collection</a></strong>
<a href="#"><img src="[pageurl]/wp-content/themes/InStyle/images/demo/collection_2.jpg" alt=""></a>

The link around the image should be the same as links inside the h2 and strong elements.


InStyle Theme has a Wysija plugin integrated. Full documentation of this plugin can be found here.

Newsletter widget from the plugin is located on the Bottom III widget area.

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